Church at Home Service for Sunday 25th April 2021

  1. Read: Reflect on 1 Peter 1:39
  2. Song: Come Praise & Glorify Our God
  3. Song: God So Loved
  4. Pray: Spend some time in praise, thanksgiving, confession, and supplication
  5. ANZAC Prayer: Thank the Lord Jesus for His great sacrifice. Then thank Him for the lesser but still significant and meaningful sacrifices that others have made for us and observe 1 minute silence in honour of those who have served us on this ANZAC Day
  6. Song: How Deep the Fathers’ Love for Us
  7. Communion:
    1. Video: Sacrifice & Atonement
    2. Read: 1 John 4:910. Reflect on this and share communion with those who are with you
  8. Video: Watch Acts 13-28 Overview –
  9. Read: Acts 19:1-41. Reflect and think on the following questions:
    1. What is Paul’s priority when he travels to Ephesus? Why?
    2. How did the gospel transform the lives of new believers? Why do you think that is?
    3. Why wasn’t everyone happy about the change in the lives of new Christians?
    4. How is God’s sovereignty displayed here? How does this encourage and comfort you?
    5. Where do you see the twin themes of “The Unstoppable Gospeland Opposition to the Gospelin this passage? How does this challenge you? Encourage you?
    6. Years later, Paul writes to encourage these new believers. Read Ephesians 1:18-23 and 6:10-20.Given the overt demonic and supernatural culture evident in Ephesus in Acts 19, how might Paul’s teaching in Ephesians been of particular encouragement to Christians there?
    7. How does this help you to boldly and faithfully live and speak for Jesus?
  10. Pray: Talk to God about the things you have learned and what He has said to you from His Word
  11. Song: We Belong to the Day

See you next Sunday! God willing.

Ps Cohen & Dave

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